Tools of the Trade review: Automatrix Retainerless Matrix System


by Dr Navneet Singh, The Wright Dental Practice, Burnie, TAS

After recently purchasing The Wright Dental Practice, I introduced the Automatrix system into the practice. I had originally learned to use this system while working for two years in the dental practice of Dr Tony Goodison in Wangaratta [Victoria]. Previously I had used the Tofflemire matrix retainer and band which worked fine but the Automatrix system gives consistently good results and definitely improves the final restoration.

Whats good about it

This system works really well when performing overlays on badly broken-down molars and premolars, particularly after endodontic treatment where cuspal coverage is required. There is no overbuilding of the restoration in proximal areas so I have a good idea about the ridges of adjacent tooth. When I need to achieve tight contacts, I use V rings.

Patients are generally very happy with the Automatrix system as the tight contact prevents food traps forming. We always take photos to display the final result to patients and they are usually delighted with the results.

What’s not good

Where margins are subgingival, it’s difficult to isolate and stablise the matrix. When contacts are very tight, it can be difficult to remove the Auto-matrix.

Where did you get it


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