Tools of the trade review: Hawe Supermat matrix


CompSupermatKITby Dr Mark Foster, Castlegate Family Dental Care, Woodvale, WA

I treat a lot of children and adults for restorative dentistry that is performed under a general anaesthetic. I use a rubber dam and magnification for every case and the Hawe Supermat matrix works extremely well in these situations.

What’s good about it

When restoring interproximal lesions using a standard Siqveland or Tofflemire matrix system, the arm of the matrix band can obscure your field of vision. This problem is non-existent with the Supermat matrix.

This matrix system consists of a placement tool onto which the spool and band of your choice is placed. They tend to stay in place better when there is a short crown height as this eliminates the need to hold the band while the cavity is restored.

The metal or celluloid bands come in various sizes and are very easy to place. When restoring multiple teeth in one quadrant, multiple bands can be placed with no interference to access or vision.

What’s not so good

You really need to have a rubber dam in situ when using this system as there is no metal arm to help retract the cheek. The small pre-formed rings are quite expensive but you can buy the plastic spools separately and make them yourself. That is a cheaper option and allows you to choose your preferred band.

Where did you get it

Henry Schein Halas.

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