Tools of the Trade Review: LuxaForm


by Dr Paul Close, Close Dental, Clayfield, QLD

I use LuxaForm to take a moulding of teeth as a template to make a temporary crown or bridge. It has enabled me to do away with alginate in a little quad tray, which was a more time-consuming and messy process. It’s been around for a while but I didn’t think it was such a good thing until I used it. Now I think everyone should give it a go.

What’s good about it

LuxaForm is a thermoplastic material that is placed in hot water to get it to a mouldable state. So if you’re doing a crown prep, it’s placed over the adjacent teeth and then patted into place with a moistened 2X2 gauze.

By coupling LuxaForm with a metal triple tray, it enables me to do crown work without any use of alginates. There is no need to pour up any opposing models and LuxaForm sets in a minute. This system helps make my working day easier, faster, better—and a whole lot less messy.

When you first use it, the tab appears not be large enough—the size of a piece of chewing gum—but it works well for a single unit case.

LuxaForm is predictable, less messy and helps get the job done faster.

What’s not so good

It takes a bit of practice to use properly. The tab needs to be at just the right temperature and then moulded into the correct shape. I use a moistened piece of 2X2 gauze to pat it down over the tooth so it doesn’t stick to my gloves. The wet gauze also cools and sets the thermoplastic material faster. It must be lifted slightly on and off the teeth just as it finally hardens so as not to engage undercuts.

Where did you get it

Henry Schein Halas.

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