Tools of the Trade review: Reciproc


reciproc300by Dr Brett Taylor, Leading Edge Dental, Penshurst, NSW

Reciproc is a reciprocating endodontic file system. As every dentist knows, the greatest expense in a dental practice is your time. I would say that using this machine has halved the time it takes me to do a root canal.

What’s good about it

All the preparation of the canal is done with a single file. The file comes in three sizes, a 25 for thin canals, a 40 for medium and a 50 for larger canals.

A big problem with rotary nickel-titanium files is that they rotate in a 360-degree manner and when they bind, they can fracture. Reciproc uses a VDW motor that turns forward half a turn and then back a quarter of a turn. It’s virtually impossible to break a file and it’s incredibly fast. It’s a beautiful little machine that makes you fall in love with doing endodontics again.

I’ve also started using Laurie Walsh’s protocol where an ErYag laser is used to clean and perfectly sterilise the canal. I combine that with ozonated water as a final irrigation. All my root canals are now done in a single visit and I’m getting much better fills.

I’ve pretty much used every other endodontic system available and Reciproc is the best by a country mile.

What’s not so good

I recommend Reciproc to everyone. I’m in love with it. Run, don’t walk, to buy one!

Where did you get it

Gunz Dental.

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