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light cured adhesive

by Dr Tony Fang, Croydon Central Dental, VIC

Riva Bond LC is a light cured adhesive suitable for any sort of bonding protocol, including bonding to enamel and dentine. 

What’s good about it

I like using Riva Bond LC because there is no contraction as it sets. It was developed with resin modified glass ionomer ingredients so it slightly expands during the setting process. This creates a much better seal compared to conventional bonding agents. The issue I had with other bonds was that when they contract, it created short-term sensitivity and long-term breakdown of the bonding interface.

The other problem with most resin bonds is that they’re quite hydrophobic. If a bit of water or saliva is present, it weakens the adhesive qualities. Water and saliva contamination is more tolerated by this product.

I use it with my restorative work, mainly fillings, and it’s very effective when used with crowns for immediate dentine sealing. It’s a strong adhesive with good longevity. Some of the other polymer bonding agents may be stronger but they have a lot of disadvantages. Riva Bond LC offers plenty of long-lasting adhesion for all restorative work.

What’s not so good

Riva Bond LC comes in a capsule that needs to be mixed. Each mix machine is different and you need to check the consistency before use. Once it’s successfully mixed, it’s quite thick and viscous. Care must be taken not to apply it too thick. Also, it’s white so it doesn’t look exactly like enamel, which is translucent.

Where did you get it

Henry Schein

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