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desensitiser with antimicrobial properties

by Dr Laura Arndt, Church St Dental, Wyong, NSW

Riva Star is a liquid with antimicrobial properties that can be used to treat cavities and stop decay. It’s also an effective desensitiser.

What’s good about it

Riva Star is a silver diamine fluoride solution that I use with really deep cavities. It’s particularly helpful in situations where, if I was to keep removing decay, there’s a risk of a pulp exposure. It’s an effective way to prevent a patient potentially needing root canal treatment.

I use Riva Star with all cases that have a cavity quite close to the pulp. It desensitises the tooth and works effectively at arresting caries. It’s a great way to save a patient from a pulp exposure and the time and cost of root canal treatment. I apply the Riva Star then put Fuji II as a base and then add a composite on top. This will protect the pulp and create a nice stable restoration. Most patients don’t have any post-op symptoms after the procedure. 

Applying the Riva Star is a two-step process. It comes in a grey and green bottle. The liquid in the grey bottle is applied first and then washed off. The liquid in the green bottle is then applied, washed off and dried. In less than a minute, you can go ahead and start working on the restoration.

What’s not so good

Be careful when applying Riva Star as it can stain a tooth grey.

Where did you get it

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