Tools of the trade: RONDOflex Plus 360 Complete Air Abrasion System


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by Dr Kurt Dean, Dental Serenity, Maroubra, NSW

The RONDOflex Plus is an efficient air abrasion system that can be used for multiple applications—everything from restorations to cleaning cement off posts. It’s easy to use and will effectively clean surfaces without any discomfort for the patient. 

What’s good about it

The Kavo connector simply clicks onto my chair. I just swap it out with my high-speed handpiece and it’s ready to go. It utilises aluminium oxide that’s mixed with water to reduce dust and mess. Provided you apply effective suction, the overspray is minimal which is a great situation for the patient and dentist.

The unit is very powerful and can also be used to cut a cavity prep or to open up a fissure in the occlusal or buccal. It nicely prepares surfaces before affixing a veneer and if there is any cement residue after removing a crown, the RONDOflex cleans it off very easily. It works well at removing discolouration from dental enamel, even if it’s quite deep. 

This unit is a real workhorse in my practice. I was using it so frequently, I purchased a second RONDOflex for my other surgery.

What’s good about it

While the spray can be aimed and controlled, the overspray can irritate the surrounding tissue. It’s not necessarily a user error; it’s just the nature of the procedure. It’s a good idea to keep a haemostatic agent nearby. Also, no matter how effective the suction, the patient will end up with some grit in their mouth and on their face. That needs to be cleaned up afterwards.

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