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lightweight scanner

by Dr Julian Oey, Haoey Dental, Potts Point, NSW

The Runyes scanner is small, lightweight and easy to use. It scans the mouth quickly and accurately. It’s also about half the price of more popular scanners on the market.

What’s good about it

I use this scanner for a variety of procedures though mainly to scan for my crown and bridge work. It’s also helpful for treatment with aligners and when undertaking full mouth reconstructions. When I use it for orthodontic work, the resolution doesn’t need to be too high, but when I do restorative work for crowns and implants, it can be set to a high-resolution mode that beautifully captures all details. When the crowns come back from the lab, the accuracy is excellent.

The body of the wand is small because it doesn’t have a fan to reduce fogging on the mirror. Runyes have developed a mirror surface that’s fog-free, so it eliminates the need for a fan. This also makes the wand very lightweight.

The unit is completely portable and can be connected to a laptop through a USB port. If you have two surgeries, you can pop it into the carry case, drive it away and then operate it at another surgery.

The Runyes has a preview feature with a powerful zoom. It allows you to check the scan and verify the accuracy of everything. It also doubles as an intra-oral camera. If there is any chance of the lab being unable to identify the margin, I send a photo along with the scan so they can verify it.

What’s not so good

There’s a steep learning curve in order to capture accurate and complete scans. The scanning time is a bit slow but the high-resolution results are great for restorative work.

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