Tools of the trade: Safety Memo Disc


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by Dr Jane Boroky, St Peters Dental Clinic, SA

The Safety Memo Disc is a bright yellow endo-stopper that looks a bit like a daisy. It has eight petals, and you pull one petal off each time you use the rotary endo-file.

What’s good about it

It’s a convenient way of recording how many times the file has been used when you reprocess them. It can be used for several patients as the disc is autoclaveable and after eight canals, it’s time to call it quits and discard the file.

I’ve only just started using them but I like that it automates the process very efficiently. It’s a much better system than relying on staff to record the patient’s name and the number of canals on each package. I just pull off a petal for each canal; it’s easy, quick and almost impossible to make a mistake.

The petals are quite small but can be removed with tweezers, hemostats or artery forceps. The discs are made of silicon and are quite grippy so they work well as a stopper. They also do away with the need for follow-up packages of reprocessed files that aren’t properly labelled. In that regard, they’re a great time saver.

What’s not so good

They are about twice as wide as a conventional endo-stopper so they could get in the way while using the file in a canal. You may have to crane your neck to see around it. It hasn’t happened yet but I’ve only just started using them. They’re also not cheap, about a dollar a disc.

Where did you get it

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