Tools of the trade: Salliwell GenNarino

The Salliwell GenNarino

by Dr Harry Marget, East Bentleigh Dental Group, East Bentleigh, VIC


The GenNarino is a device for the treatment of xerostomia or dry mouth. It uses electrical pulses to directly stimulate the nerves associated with salivary gland secretions. An impression is taken of the patient’s lower jaw and the device is positioned in a tailor-made mouthguard. I’ve had very good results with it.


What’s good about it

It’s not very expensive to manufacture, success is guaranteed and it offers a way forward for suffering patients.

The device is worn as needed—when the patient feels oral dryness. A remote control turns it on and the mouthpiece only needs to be in position for between one and five minutes at a time. Between two and five times a day is usually enough.

Patients can’t feel the electrical pulses and there are no side effects. This makes it a far superior method of treatment compared to drugs that often have adverse side effects.

The GenNarino is an easy and cost-effective way to treat dry mouth and all the associated problems.


What’s not so good

The only minor drawback is that the device lasts for one year and then a new mouthpiece needs to be fabricated with fresh batteries. It’s also important to remind the patient not to sleep with it in position.


Where did you get it

Golden Medical.


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    • Hi there – if you click on the link at the end of the review, you can visit Golden Medical’s website and they will be able to help you with a quote.


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