Tools of the trade: Satelec Suprasson P5 Booster


By Dr Nick Stanley, Lauriton, NSW


This is a great little ultrasonic unit for scaling teeth and for endodontics. I would use it about 10 times a day—with every patient that has a scale and polish.


What’s good about it

Compared with other scaling units, it’s quiet, gentle on the teeth but very effective. In the past, I’ve used other ultrasonics that emit a lot of noise and tend to rattle against the teeth. This unit offers a much more comfortable experience for our patients.

It’s a small and compact piece of equipment that’s easy to use. The whole unit is only 15cm by 8cm by 3cm high. It takes up very little space in the surgery.

There are also tips available for endodontics. I use these for smoothing the openings to the canals and for irrigating.

It’s a really nice piece of equipment. It’s comfortable for the patients and just as comfortable for the dentist.


What’s not so good

Great care must be taken when fitting the tips. If you over-torque then the unit will break. It’s a little bit delicate in that regard.


Where did you get it

Gunz Dental.


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