Tools of the trade: Scan Gauge kits


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a kit that aids full-arch restorations

by Dr Jack Yang, Infinity Dental Care, Winston Hills, NSW

This is a kit to aid in the production of prosthesis when fitting a patient for an All-On-4 or All-On-6 full arch restoration. 

What’s good about it

Traditionally, these procedures require us to take extensive records. This includes moulds, impressions and impression copings connected with resins. There are a lot of appointments before we even get to the trial stage. Then there are another couple of visits before the patient is fitted with the final prosthesis.

These Scan Gauges help speed up the whole process. They are placed on top of the implants and are designed with a special algorithm to ensure the placement is all correct. The implants and the scan gauges are digitally scanned to create a detailed record of the inside of the mouth. This will include the setting and orientation of each implant in relation to the individual’s mouth cavity.

The information is then sent to the lab who use an algorithm on a specialised computer to read the data and create the final prosthesis. The entire workflow is digital and requires no impressions, resins or moulds. 

I only started using this process recently and have created about 30 full arches. The fit of each one has been accurate and I’m happy with the product and speedier digital workflow. I would never go back to the traditional way. This is a straightforward method with excellent results that saves time.

What’s not so good

The Scan Gauges work perfectly but it’s important that the correct type of implant screws are used, as different types of implants use different types of screws. That information needs to be shared with the lab so the prosthesis sits perfectly in the mouth when attached to the implants.

Where did you get it

Nexus iOS

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