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by Dr Jesse Becker, K1 Dental, Toorak, VIC

SDR flow+ is a bulk fill composite perfect for any Class I or Class II restorations. As it allows you to work quickly without the need for multiple layers, it changed the way I do dentistry.

What’s good about it

You can use it to bulk fill up to seven millimetres and set it. It exhibits a small amount of shrinkage. The thing I like about it is that patients have experienced little post-op sensitivity with large fillings. This has virtually eliminated the need to redo any restorations.

It flows into every small crevice and you can see it getting into the deep margin. The last thing you want is a void under a deep filling and SDR eliminates that problem. It’s so flowable that it can be successfully used for pit and fissure sealing. 

Even though it can be seven millimetres thick, I usually limit it to five millimetres. It is light cured in 20 seconds. As it’s translucent, it shouldn’t be used in an aesthetic zone. I use it for large posterior fillings and it polishes very nicely.

This material is not taking a load as it has a layer on top but it still creates a strong restoration. Knowing that there is an effective seal on the cervical margin gives me peace of mind with large restorations. Using SDR also means less time in the chair for my patients.

What’s not so good

I don’t like that this product is extremely flowable. If it’s left for too long in the cavity, it can tilt or flow with gravity.

Where did you get it

Dentsply Sirona

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