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by Dr Glen McKeough, The Practice, West End, QLD

We purchased multiple Sinius dental chairs about two years ago and chose to have endo and implant motors integrated into each one. 

What’s good about it

We tested the chair for comfort prior to purchase because we want our clients to feel as relaxed as possible. It’s gratifying to hear many patients say it’s the most comfortable chair they’ve ever sat in. We also wanted a chair that can handle the full gamut of dentistry. We didn’t want to be wheeling in carts with endo motors or anything like that. With the Sinius, it’s in endo mode with the press of a button.

The chair is sleek and modern which suits the minimalist look of our clinic. Our practice has a spa feel and the black chair with white trim fits in well. It’s easy to position the patient so the screen is right in front of their face. Any intraoral images are displayed clearly which is a great assistance in treatment acceptance. It also allows them to make a better decision rather than just basing it on price.

The chair is versatile and can handle implant cases followed by endo cases followed by a simple check-up and clean. If there’s an emergency appointment, it doesn’t matter what it is—everything is ready to go.

The design of the chair is non-threatening. Rolling in a stainless steel trolley full of surgical equipment raises the tension level of all patients. The Sinius looks good and is straightforward to use. While we have three chairs at the moment, a fourth and fifth are on the horizon.

What’s not so good

It’s not a cheap chair but I believe it is worth the money.

Where did you get it

Dentsply Sirona

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