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intra-oral camera

by Dr Jeremy Lam, Grange Family Dental, QLD

I use the SiroCam with practically every patient. Whether I’m doing a consultation, an examination or a check-up, it’s extremely useful to document what I’m seeing and then allow the patient to see the same thing.

What’s good about it

It is preferable to show a patient their issues as opposed to a purely verbal description. Most of the time they have no idea what a fracture or decay looks like until they see it for themselves. The SiroCam is a very good tool to bridge the knowledge gap between the practitioner and the patient.

I like to document whatever procedure I am undertaking. I keep accurate records of all my work and use the images to explain the procedure to the patient and show them the finished result. It helps them understand why they are having the work done and what they are getting for their money.

It also helps with case acceptance. There’s nothing more convincing than seeing the inside of a decayed tooth to encourage acceptance of restorative work. I’ve used different brands of intraoral cameras in the past but none of them had autofocus like the SiroCam. The quality of the images is excellent—way better than entry level cameras that barely show any detail. I’m able to document a tooth to within millimetres. The unit is robustly built and connects with your PC via a USB port.

What’s not so good

The button on the camera is not easily detectable by touch, so you have to look at it before you can use it. When I’m trying to find the button with my gloved hands, I just can’t feel it.

Where did you get it

Dentsply Sirona

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