Tools of the trade: Sirolaser Blue

diode laser

by Dr Allison Chiu, Erskine Park Dental, NSW

Sirolaser Blue is a diode laser that I use for frenectomy, gingival troughing, haemostasis, removal of excess gum tissue and operculectomy.

What’s good about it

This is the first dental diode laser to have a blue, infrared and red wavelengths. This enables it to cover more than 20 indications, meaning there are many versatile possibilities for application. Basically, this is a great all-rounder laser system.

The user interface is designed intuitively so that you 

immediately find what you’re looking for. It’s no longer necessary to memorise outputs such as wavelength and energy for each setting.

The laser cuts very efficiently and results in mostly scar-free wound healing with less post-operative pain. I’ve been using the Sirolaser Blue for two years and it is a vast improvement over my old entry-level diode laser. The Sirolaser is so much more efficient that it’s barely comparable. In fact, I sold my entry level laser as soon as I purchased Sirolaser Blue because I knew there was no way I would ever go back to my old laser. 

What’s not so good

Even though it’s more than twice the price of an entry level laser, the efficiency of Sirolaser Blue makes it very worthwhile. Even with its higher cost, it’s still quite an affordable laser. 

Where did you get it

Dentsply Sirona

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