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all-purpose handpick

by Dr Sara Tabrizi, Hello Smiles, Brisbane, QLD

Having a Red Band handpiece in my armamentarium is my ultimate go-to for all refinement. It’s a great tool I use on a daily basis in all of my restorative work. 

What’s good about it

The main reason I like to use this handpiece is for its consistency with cutting. The steadiness of the Red Band’s electric motor means unlimited torque, providing smoother and consistent cutting, regardless of the load applied. 

I also like that the Red Band handpiece can be fitted with my favourite high-speed diamond burs. This handpiece enables you to work with great precision because it gives you a lot of tactile feedback so you can really feel what you’re doing. 

Because of the electric motor, it also does not produce any heat requiring coolant water. This means that my field of vision is never blurred and I can perform refinement work with clarity on all restorations, crown preps or veneer preps. 

From a patient perspective, the slow output speed of the Red Band means there’s a very low chance of soft tissue damage. This is particularly helpful when trying to remove or reshape subgingival overhangs.

The Red Band handpiece is smooth and quiet with little vibration so patients are generally happy. It’s just a great little tool for finessing all your work. I couldn’t live without it!

What’s not so good

The one disadvantage is the need for continual maintenance and oiling. Aside from your everyday general handpiece maintenance, the Red Band head should also be given an extra oiling at least once per day; otherwise it can feel a bit grainy.

Where did you get it

Dentsply Sirona

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