Tools of the trade: Smartbleach KTP Laser

Dr Levi with his Smartbleach KTP laser

by Dr Mark Levi, The Smile Shop, Darlinghurst, NSW


As a dental practice that focuses on providing teeth whitening solutions, the Smartbleach KTP laser plays a key role for me. This photo-chemical teeth whitening process can achieve successful outcomes with difficult cases such as tetracycline staining and non-vital teeth. I can now confidently take on patients who I may have turned away in the past. I’m also finding that other practices are now referring their difficult staining cases to me.

I have been using the Smartbleach laser for nearly a year. The results have been better than I expected and I’m very confident when recommending the treatment to patients with difficult staining.


What’s good about it

It allows me to effectively treat staining that would have been difficult or impossible to treat in the past. If necessary, I can treat just a single tooth. There is also a number of unique advantages to the system. The non-acidic gel is more reactive and does not harm the enamel surface, and there is no dehydration of the teeth during the whitening treatment. I have found this provides more natural looking results that are longer lasting.

Having been previously told their teeth couldn’t be whitened, patients with tetracycline staining and non-vital teeth are thrilled to finally see their teeth whiter. They have often lived with this type of staining for a long period of time and to finally find something that works can be a life-changing moment for some of them.


What’s not so good

The initial cost of the unit seemed high but because of the long lifespan of the laser and the unique outcomes that can be achieved—including its capabilities in surgery, endodontics and periodontics—the investment definitely made sense. The effective results for patients with difficult staining, that would not be possible with any other system, also justify my decision to invest in the equipment.


Where did you get it

High Tech Laser Australia.


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