Tools of the trade: Sof-Lex Diamond Polishing System

polishing spiral wheels

by Dr Van Ly, Manuka Family Dental, ACT

These polishing spirals have a unique design that makes them very effective and much easier to use. I’ve used disc systems in the past but unless the disc is very soft, it’s often impossible to get around irregular shaped teeth. Then, if the disc is too soft, it doesn’t actually do very much. The Sof-Lex Diamond Polishing System adapts well to all tooth surfaces.

What’s good about it

The design of these units allows them to get right into the interproximal space. I mainly use them on posterior teeth but they can be used in all situations. After completing a Class 2 composite, sometimes there’s a bit of a flash on the palatal aspect in the interproximal region. A disc can’t get in there because it’s not flexible enough. The Sof-Lex system will smooth and polish the area without any problems.

It’s really handy when patients are finicky with their tongue and report that the tooth still feels a bit rough. The shape of the unit is like a brush or mop and that’s what allows it to get into the tightest spaces. The entire surface is embedded with abrasive particles making it effective from all angles.

There are two different coloured units—beige for the initial polish and then purple to get a really nice finish. Sometimes, when I’m doing an anterior composite, I’ll go over the fascial aspect to get a high gloss and that saves me changing to a brush and diamond polishing paste.

What’s not so good

I can’t really see a negative to this item. They would be pricey if they were single use but as they’re autoclaveable, I get four or five uses out of each one.

Where did you get it

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