Tools of the trade: Spark Aligners


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Spark clear aligners

by Dr Hyun Soo Yu, Grey Street Dentist, St Kilda, VIC

Spark is a great alternative to some of the more well-known brands of clear aligners. It utilises a material that’s comfortable for patients but effectively and efficiently moves the teeth. 

What’s good about it

As a general dentist, I find Spark very easy to use. The software is intuitive and logical in its presentation. The software also allows you to visualise the movement of the teeth in three dimensions. A problem I’ve encountered with other aligner systems is that everything needs to be described in detail. Spark allows you to simulate what you want on the software so the desired effect is very clear.

The aligner material is very comfortable for patients. It’s clearer than other aligner material, making them virtually undetectable when being worn. They also resist staining which is another reason patients like them.

The procedure is the same as other aligner systems. A digital scan is taken and uploaded to Spark who generate the specific appliances. I’ve been using them since August of 2022 and the results have been excellent. It’s possible to have the aligners made a little thicker if required. The aligners are smooth and contoured so the patient’s cheeks don’t get cut or irritated.

The other big advantage is that Spark is a very affordable option for our patients.

What’s not so good

While the software that comes with Spark is easy to use, improvements could be made by integrating smile design into the software. 

Where did you get it


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