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by Dr Geetanjali Mamutil, Brace5 Orthodontics, Castle Hill, NSW

Many years ago, we owned an older 3D printer but the technology was not fast enough for a smooth workflow. With technology developing so rapidly, we were keen to purchase a new 3D printer to use in our orthodontic clinic. We wanted something fast and reasonably priced. The SprintRay Pro 95 fitted the bill.

What’s good about it

This 3D printer has improved the overall workflow at our practice and saved us lots of time. The patient’s mouth is digitally scanned, set up on the computer and then sent to the printer, over our clinic Wifi or the printer’s own Wifi/USB port. We use it to print out resin models of patients’ teeth on which we can make clear vacuum formed retainers. No more alginate impressions or stone models.

One thing we’ve loved about this 3D printer is the chance to explore various 3D software options and print out other devices. It enabled us to quickly design and develop our very own Twin Block Aligner that helps move the patient’s jaw forward. The old-style versions are made of acrylic and wire but the printed versions are effective and comfortable. There are also different types of resins available to buy for a range of other applications including—but not limited to—surgical guides, dyes and occlusal splints. 

The printer takes about 30 minutes to print out models but can print eight units at a time—more, if orientated vertically. We also purchased a curing box that takes about 10 minutes to completely cure the resin. The printer now complements our two iTero scanners.

What’s not so good

The package includes the printer, the curing box, software and lifetime support but it’s still quite expensive to purchase. A practice would have to ensure that they are prepared to switch many of their cases digitally to make it financially viable.

Where did you get it

APAC Digital Dentistry 

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