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by Dr Roger Puckridge, Dentists of Tasmania, Sorell, TAS

I purchased this 3D printer to make night guards and models. We were ordering about 50 night guards a year from the lab but they were expensive, and patients didn’t like wearing them. They were too big and bulky. The SprintRay has streamlined the process and we now make about 300 night guards a year.

What’s good about it

Our 3D-printed night guards are super comfortable because they can be digitally designed to fit each patient. Undercuts are eliminated digitally and the night guards no longer push down into soft tissue. Once printed, there’s very little adjustment needed and they can be made from a variety of materials. 

I’m also able to discount the price to the patients, particularly for children. Normal night guards were very expensive but now I can charge mum and dad substantially less. I pass on the saving from the large lab fee. I have a staff member who does all the night-guard designs and is even earning a bit extra by doing them at home. 

While we mainly use the printer for night guards, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It can be used for models, surgical guides, dentures and many other applications. The machine is easy to operate and takes about 90 minutes to run the full process. You can print 10 night guards or 28 models at once.

The unit identifies what type of material is being used and knows how long to wash and cure. Even though there are cheaper printers on the market, the SprintRay is definitely worth the money. It has paid for itself many times over.

What’s not so good

The SprintRay Pro S is a closed system. Only certain products and materials can be used with it which means they can only be purchased form certain suppliers.

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