Tools of the trade: Star Dental Explorer 5 probe

The Star Dental Explorer 5 is pretty much perfect, in this reviewer's opinion.
The Star Dental Explorer 5 is pretty much perfect, in this reviewer’s opinion.

by Dr Barry Johnson, Carlton Dental, Carlton, VIC


I have been using the Explorer 5 as my favourite probe since I started in dentistry. Just recently I was having trouble purchasing them but I tracked them down to the supplier Dentec in Geelong. They are still being manufactured but the big dental supply companies don’t seem to import them anymore.


What’s good about it

The Explorer 5 is a universal probe with a sickle shape at one end and a little hook at the other. I use it on a routine basis when looking for cavities. I can then flip it over to get into difficult areas between the teeth. It’s also handy when placing a band on a tooth and for all sorts of other procedures.

I like the Explorer 5 because of the tempering of the metal. The tip is very hard and it doesn’t blunt easily. At the same time there’s a stiffness and a certain springiness that gives a really nice feel. Other probes feel dead by comparison. You have much more sensation through your fingertips whether you’re running it across filling, tooth, enamel or dentine. You can easily feel the different textures of dentine, enamel, metal or porcelain. I use it with every patient, every day.


What’s not so good

As far as I’m concerned, this instrument had reached a level of perfection. In fact, I like most of the Star Dental instruments. I also use their endodontic probe No. G16 and that has a nice springiness in its feel that you don’t seem to get with other probes.


Where did you get it

Dentec, Geelong, VIC; 1800 243 234.


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