Tools of the trade: Surgitel 4.5X loupes


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multi-magnification loupes

by Dr Irene Kennedy, Kennedy Dental Cosmetics, Paddington, NSW

I’ve owned loupes in the past but they never really worked for me. I felt like I was straining to keep everything in focus and in my field of view. Invariably, I ended up with a painful neck. The Surgitel loupes work beautifully and are very comfortable.

What’s good about it?

When getting fitted with Surgitel loupes, they ensure the angulation works for you.

They take into account the distance between the operator and the patient. It’s important that your head is in a comfortable position and your eyes naturally go down to the patient. The distance between your pupils is measured and the focal point is comfortable.

The loupes are attached to glasses frames, and I have a band that can be tightened at the back of my head. I don’t use a headlight as I find it too bright, and they give me a headache. The loupes work perfectly well with an overhead light. I use them with every procedure.

Being a cosmetic dentist, these loupes have made a big difference. They allow me to see every minor detail during restorative work. Whether you’re doing a clean or any restorative procedure, having a magnified clear field of view allows for better dentistry. It’s an essential when undertaking intricate work.

I’ve been using these loupes for five years and never suffered eye strain or had any neck or shoulder problems. They’re such an important part of my work that I have two pairs. If something should ever go wrong with one, I always have the spare pair.

What’s not so good?

There is protective glass at the very front of the loupes that tends to come loose and occasionally needs to be repaired. Fortunately, the loupes work fine without it.

Where did you get it?


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