Tools of the trade: The ADA’s medicine information and medicine advice support


ADA websiteby Dr PJ Sobhanian, Sunvalley Dental, Kin Kora, QLD  

This information is available on the Australian Dental Association’s website through the member’s portal. It is extremely useful and easy to access 

What’s good about it

I use this information when I’m unfamiliar with a medicine or concerned about possible interactions or side effects. Sometimes I just need to refresh my knowledge of a certain medicine and I’ll turn to the website. 

I’ve been using the help page since 2011 and find the information to be clear and accurate. Additionally, when I need pharmaceutical advice, the support team are all very personable and the advice is great.

I recall needing advice when tranexamic acid was in short supply and a patient taking warfarin was getting frustrated by the process. However, when I explained the importance of the information needed to protect their life, they were very understanding.

The website’s interface is very user-friendly and it is easy to navigate around the site. The content is accurate and professionally presented. It’s also very handy to have access to an expert on the subject matter when I need it.

What’s not so good

MIMS is no longer included on the site.

Where did you get it

The member’s portal on the ADA website. 

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