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by Dr Fadi Yassmin, FY Smile, Double Bay, NSW

I’ve been a big fan of the wand since it first came onto the market around 15 years ago. At the time, the ability to anaesthetise under controlled conditions was a real game changer.

What’s good about it

I do a lot of aesthetic dentistry and an important part is when people first see their veneers. The patient has been numbed, the temporaries have been removed and the new veneers are in position. The only problem was that the patient couldn’t see anything because the top lip was drooping from the anaesthetic. 

The Wand solved this problem beautifully. I use it to anaesthetise the palatal incisive canal area and that’s adequate to remove the temporaries. The patient can then try out the veneers without an immobile lip getting in the way. That was the start of my love affair with the Wand.

There have been a few new models since it was first introduced but I’ve only updated it once. It’s just a well-designed piece of equipment that allows you to aspirate using a foot pedal. It also looks like a pen so patients remain calm at the sight of it. It’s a great tool to use with needle-phobic patients. 

I use it in conjunction with topical anaesthetic. The needle is so fine, it’s almost like acupuncture. Most patients are mesmerised by the process and amazed at the lack of pain.

What’s not so good

Like all dental equipment, it’s excellent for specific procedures, but there’s no product that’s suitable for everything. I still mainly use syringes, utilising light manual dexterity. I’m ambidextrous so it helps that I can approach the patient from either side.

Where did you get it

Henry Schein

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  1. I was wishing to ask about the Wand review .
    Dr. Yassmin says that Patients are mesmerised by it and amazed by the lack of pain. Patients also remain “calm ” .
    Wow , sounds so good , but then he says he does not use it much , but normally uses the ( 19 th century ) syringes . ( with the usual dentist disclaimer of , ” I am the best cause my DA rubs the patient’s ear ” , or , ” I have the lightest touch in the world ” etc , which every dentist says and believes , and so we all should ).
    My question is , why not use a wand all the time .
    Do we not need to have patients who are “calm” and “no pain “. Should we ask them , THE PATIENTS .
    I have done exactly that , asked my patients . Every patient thoroughly endorsed The WAND . Wanted it used on their next visit and their kids next visit .
    Since its introduction I have used it in 99 % of dental treatments requiring anaesthetic .
    I was wondering why Dr Yassmin goes back to the syringes ?


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