Tools of the trade: The Wand STA Anaesthetic Delivery System


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by Dr Marjan Jones, Enhance Dentistry, Milton, QLD

I’ve been using the Wand for over a decade now, ever since I started my practice. It caught my attention at a trade fair and purchasing it was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

What’s good about it

The Wand transforms the patient’s and the dentist’s experience of delivering local anaesthetic. It’s electronically controlled to administer a precise dosage at the rate I want.

It delivers a drop every two seconds, and you can hear the delivery as it is administered. Many of my patients don’t even realise it’s been used until they start going numb. You simply press the pedal to allow a faster delivery and there are definitely no resulting hand cramps.

It has a foot control that offers safety and predictability. The moment you take your foot off, it stops. 

It has options for two different gauge needles of varying lengths—I use the 1.27cm 30G needle most of all. The Wand also has an aspiration option for when you’re providing mandibular blocks.  

What’s not so good

There’s a new version of the Wand STA and the old syringes and parts can’t be interchanged between the two versions. I own two Wand Plus devices, and we ordered the new needles by mistake. We weren’t able to use or return them. Streamlining of the parts would be great, but apart from that, I love it.

Where to get it

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