Tools of the trade: The Wand STA

single tooth anaesthesia system

by Dr Erik Fung, Aperture Dental, Sunnybank Hills, QLD

The Wand is a computer-controlled system for delivering anaesthetic safely, effectively and painlessly.

What’s good about it

The Wand is a great alternative to a syringe. Instead of just pushing down on a plunger, The Wand consistently and evenly introduces anaesthetic at a nice slow rate. STA stands for Single Tooth Anaesthesia and so, by placing the anaesthetic into the periodontal ligament, you are able to numb one specific tooth instead of a large area of the mouth. Patients love this aspect of The Wand.

When using a syringe, it’s easy to apply too much pressure and that can cause pain for the patient. The slow, even speed of The Wand makes it painless, though you still need to apply a topical anaesthetic. This slow release is particularly useful in palatal infiltrations.

A big advantage, particularly with children and phobic patients, is that it doesn’t look anything like a syringe. It’s more like a pen and held in the same manner. This makes it easy to hide from patients and gives more control.

Even though it’s slow, it’s only slow when the needle is going in at the beginning of the procedure. Once some numbing takes place, there is an option to press a button to make it work faster. Press it a second time and it’s faster still.

What’s not so good

It doesn’t use the entire capsule of anaesthetic. The capsule holds 2.2mL but only about 1.8mL gets used. It’s operated in a completely different manner to a normal syringe so you have to take the time to learn how to use it. You also need to be aware that it’s connected by a wire to the base unit.

Where did you get it

Henry Schein Halas

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