Tools of the Trade: The Wand

The Wand
The 'magic' Wand.

by Dr John Winters, Paediatric Dentist, South Perth, WA


I specialise in children’s dentistry and the average age of my patients is about four-and-a-half. The Wand is a computerised anaesthetic delivery system that has received very good feedback from my patients. Parents will come out to reception and remark that they have never seen anything like it before.


What’s good about it

Some kids are very afraid and react badly when a local anaesthetic is administered in the conventional way. The Wand looks much less threatening than a needle and it administers the anaesthetic in a very slow steady stream. It takes a little bit longer but there seems to be much less of an ‘ouch’ factor from the kids. The irony is that it is a needle but it just looks different.

I use it routinely in my practice now. I haven’t picked up a conventional syringe since I was doing volunteer work in the Kimberley last year. Even then, the only reason I didn’t use the Wand was that we didn’t have a power supply to make it function.

There’s a learning curve with it—as there is with any new technology—but it’s a very convenient set-up once you get used to how it works.


What’s not so good

I can only get 1.8ml out of a 2.2ml anaesthetic carpule. Normally this is quite sufficient for my purposes. However, if I do need a second carpule, my assistant can change and insert the second one without having to remove the needle from its injection position. That’s a really positive thing.

The cost of the single-use needle, plastic hose and carpule holder is a little more expensive than a standard needle, so there’s a slight increase in cost. In the greater scheme of things, that’s not a huge downside.


Where did you get it

Henry Schein Halas.


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    • Hi Glenda, we’ve been in touch with the team at Henry Schein Hallas. Currently they are running a training session every quarter in every state. The last few courses have just past and are TBA. Victoria on the other hand have one available in July 25th 6pm at the Henry Schein Halas Victoria office. To register call 02 9697 6361. Training is free and the session lasts 2.5 hours.


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