Tools of the trade: Torq Control universal torque wrench


torquecontrol2by Dr Larry Benge, Bond Street Dental Studio, South Yarra, VIC


This torque control device is made by Anthogyr and used for placing abutments on implants. The instrument is particularly helpful when using the All-On-4 technique. I use the Torq Control multiple times a day.

What’s good about it

The wrench has different torque settings ranging from 10 newton centimetres up to 35 newton centimetres. It allows you to hold the instrument with one hand and tighten at the same time. This makes placing the multi-units far easier than when using a manual screwdriver. With a screwdriver, it was difficult to access the back of the mouth, hold the multi-unit abutment and tighten the screw at the same time. This wrench makes the job as easy as possible.

When I run my implant courses, dentists often see it in action for the first time and immediately want to purchase one. This wrench is compatible with all implant systems as long as they have a latch driver. It gives good accurate torque and is simple to use.

What’s not so good

It can be a bit temperamental because of the autoclaving. The instrument is completely mechanical but the change of torque is the thing that tends to go wrong. Autoclaving takes a toll on most things and we autoclave non-stop. In the past, we needed to send repairs overseas but now there’s a local company that can repair them in a day or so.

Where did you get it

Gulmohar Dental.


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