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 digital intraoral scanner,

by Dr Paul Rollason, Absolute Dental Care, Taringa, QLD

I purchased the Trios 3 digital scanner two years ago. I had been putting it off for years and at that time, we were still taking silicone and alginate impressions. The scanner has been such a huge improvement that it’s put a bit of energy back into my dentistry. 

What’s good about it

The Trios has made our life much easier. Patients no longer have impressions made and there’s no more choking and gagging. If you make a mistake or miss something, you pick it up straight away and just go back to re-scan the area.

Creating an impression and then using a courier to send the results to a lab was a time-consuming process. Now, I just take the scan and email it to the lab immediately. The scans are a lot more accurate—down to five microns—and a lot more comfortable for the patient. It also enables you to take the bite at the same time. When the lab makes a crown using the digital information from the Trios, there is much less adjusting required.

I’m also using the Trios to take scans for Invisalign, 3D nylon splints, dentures—practically everything. It’s sped up all our processes and taken 10 minutes off my crown preparation appointment times. It’s also very easy to save the scans with the patient files and keep records rather than storing models.

Without a doubt, The Trios 3 is the best piece of equipment I have ever bought.

What’s not so good

The handpiece has a tip that fits over the end of the camera. It’s like a small sleeve with a 45-degree angled mirror. This is the only part of the scanner that gets autoclaved. Repeated turns in the autoclave eventually breaks it down and then it must be replaced.

Where did you get it


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