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by Dr Martin Viviers, Denison Dental, Kingston, TAS

This is the third generation of the 3Shape intraoral scanner. It has a high degree of accuracy and makes our workflow much easier. I use it on a daily basis.

What’s good about it

I use the Trios 3 for crowns, bridges, implants, night guards and orthodontics. Once I have completed a scan, I can immediately send it to any lab with the push of a button. This means there’s a much shorter turnaround time. I also have my own lab set up in the practice so I can do in-house designs on the software.

The Trios 3 is quite compact and we have it set up on a mobile trolley. This makes it easy to move to wherever it’s needed. Patients are pleasantly surprised when they discover there’s no need to have a mouthful of impression material. It’s also very fast to take a scan which patients also appreciate. The head of the scanner isn’t too large and can access all areas of the mouth. 

I’ve been a long-time user of Trios equipment, starting with a Trios 1 many years ago. I only upgraded because I wanted a smaller unit. They’re reliable and easy to use. The scans are very detailed and produced without any radiation. 

What’s not so good

There’s always room for improvement. If the scanning head could be made smaller, it would make it easier to get around all the teeth in the mouth. Apart from that, I’m very happy with it.

Where did you get it

Dental Axess

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