Tools of the trade: Ultimo dental software


by Dr Monica O’Malley, Your New Dentist, Mooroolbark, VIC

Ultimo Dental Software is a product that keeps you in control. You buy the licence and it remains in-house so you don’t have a big corporate looking over your shoulder.

What’s good about it

One thing I really like about this system is that the icons make sense. The icon for family files is a picture of a family. The icon for accounts is a dollar sign. Having icons that are logical makes it much easier when training a new staff member on the system. They have an intuitive grasp of how it works.

It’s easy to set up different levels of security log-ons. As I am the practice owner, my log-on gives my access to everything. I can also generate reports to which other staff don’t have access. Our dentists, nurses and front-office staff all have different levels of security log-ons.

Thanks to Ultimo, we are rapidly heading towards being a paperless practice. There’s even a digital signature pad. It links in with batch tracking and referrals can be simply scanned in. It can also create reports that are tailored to whatever parameters you require.

Ultimo has excellent online support. If there are any problems, their technicians will either log on and fix it or talk you through how to fix it yourself.

What’s not so good

In all honestly, I haven’t discovered any significant negatives. What I would say is that there is so much you can do with it that it takes time to get your head around it all. At present, we’re very comfortable with how we’re using it but I would guess we’re probably only at about 20 per cent of its functionality.

Where did you get it

Ultimo Dental Software

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