Tools of the trade: Ultra Safety Plus XL syringe

safety syringe

by Dr Melody Healy, Bay Arcade Dental Surgery, Warners Bay, NSW

I use this syringe every time I need to give a patient an injection for dental anaesthesia. It has a safety feature that protects the patient, my nurses and myself from needle stick injury.

What’s good about it

Once you’ve finished giving an injection with a normal syringe, the cap needs to be replaced in a safe way. Unfortunately, there are many situations where this can be a problem—the wrong force can be used, the needle may be unfamiliar to the user, the staff member could be new or they may be in a rush. There is always the possibility of a needle stick injury.

The Ultra Safety Plus XL syringe has the traditional needle cap and a protective sleeve that slides into place once the syringe is used. The whole syringe is disposable and a much safer option than traditional versions.

The Ultra Safety Plus XL syringe allows me to use techniques that ensure my patients don’t feel a thing. The results are reproducible and very predictable. At the same time, the safety features of this syringe dramatically reduce the risk of needle stick injury.

What’s not so good

When I do an inferior dental block injection using the longer 27-gauge needle, I need to aspirate once it’s in position. The manufacturer’s written instructions say everything’s fine provided you can draw back on the syringe. I just don’t feel like it’s doing enough aspiration—I like to really make sure. I tend to repeat the procedure three times to ensure everything is right.

Where did you get it

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