Tools of the trade: Ultra X Ultrasonic Endodontic Activator


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By Dr Robert Honeybone, Mawson Dental Centre, ACT

I’m very particular about the equipment I use for root canals. Whether the treatment is for simple or complex canals, I want to ensure I have done everything I can to ensure long-term success for the patient. I have incorporated this endo-activator into my regime and have found it to be noticeably more effective at agitating the irrigants and stirring up all the debris in the tooth than my previous endo activator.

What’s good about it

Once all the cleaning and preparation with the files has been completed, it’s time to activate the liquid irritant in the tooth. Hydrodynamic activation of the irrigants improves penetration, circulation, debridement and disruption of the smear layer and biofilm. The tip of the end activator is placed inside the canal and it vibrates ultrasonically. 

There are other systems available but the cheaper ones do not use ultrasonic vibration and the dearer ones are a bit more complex, often requiring attachments to the chair and other pieces of equipment. The Ultra X is a nice little handheld device that’s easy to use. It’s battery-operated with a corded charger but very powerful.

The tips are soft and flexible which work very well with curved canals. There’s also a stronger tip that can help remove posts and old rubber gutta-percha from previous root canals.

What’s not so good

It’s very technique reliant as it uses ultrasonic frequencies. If you’re too aggressive with it, you can accidentally file away the preparation and do damage inside the tooth. There is also the potential to push some of the liquid medicaments out through the end of the tooth and cause irritation. 

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