Tools of the trade: Valo Curing Light

Valo curing light
The Valo Curing Light

by Dr Jeffrey Kestenberg, Coburg Dental Group, Coburg, VIC


I’d read about this light, and a few other dentists had recommended it to me. When my sales rep at Gunz Dental mentioned they stocked them, I tried it out, liked it and bought one.


What’s good about it

The Valo Curing Light is the only light that can cure all light curable materials. It achieves this by emitting two different wavelengths of light simultaneously. This removes all restrictions on light curable materials so the dentist is able to purchase whichever brand they choose.

The light is extremely bright and strong. On the highest setting, it only takes three seconds as opposed to 20-40 seconds for other lights. It’s very quick, especially when doing multiple procedures for a patient.

I have the cordless model that uses rechargeable batteries. It comes with a separate charger and two spare batteries. While one set of batteries are charging, the other set is operating the unit. The Valo uses standard rechargeable batteries. They are available to purchase without having to go to a dental supply company.

With other rechargeable lights, the batteries are built into the unit. This means that the whole light needs to be put into a recharging stand. The Valo can be put away in a drawer—there’s no need to have it standing up on your benchtop.


What’s not so good

It has three settings, two of which I never use. The standard and high-powered settings are very similar to a typical curing light. I only use the quick mode that takes about three seconds to set the material. If the unit only had that one mode, it would have been ample and it probably would have cost less.


Where did you get it

Gunz Dental


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