Tools of the trade: Vatech EzRay Air Portable X-ray

portable X-ray unit

by Dr Sam Roberts, Hinterland Dental, Cooroy, QLD

When our old wall-mounted X-ray machine reached the end of its life, I decided that a portable X-ray unit was the way forward. One of the main reasons I purchased the Vatech EzRay Portable was because I do a lot of work under GA (general anaesthetic). While treating patients under GA, there had been occasions when taking a radiograph would have been beneficial but I did not have the facilities to do so. The EzRay solved that problem.

What’s good about it

This hand-held unit is completely portable and easy to position. The operator and assistant stay in the room while using it and just point and shoot. It gives me the option to
take X-rays while treating patients both in the surgery and under GA.

I use it with the patient sitting in the chair while ensuring that everything and everyone is radiation protected. Even though we only use it in one room at the moment, it could easily be transported to another surgery if required. It works with any sensor, whether it’s a phosphor plate or a sensor that plugs into your computer.

The EzRay produces much less radiation than a traditional X-ray machine. We wear radiation badges and they get sent off for a reading every month. The dosage results have been low and well within safety limits. While the Ezray produces less radiation, it is also a very focused beam that doesn’t disperse.

What’s not so good

The most difficult thing about this machine was getting a possession licence from Queensland Health. It took about four or five months. The only other problem happens when I’ve been using it all day and forget to put it on the charger—but I guess that’s more of an operator error! 

Where did you get it

Medical Dental Solutions

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