Tools of the trade: VDW Gold Reciproc


endodontic motorby Dr Matthew Nangle, Everton Park Dental, QLD

This endodontic motor is an effective and user-friendly piece of equipment. While it can’t replace clinical skill or judgement, it’s certainly the best adjunct to root canal therapy that I’ve come across. It makes that whole job a little quicker and easier.

What’s good about it

As far as I know, it’s the only machine that combines a reciprocating action as well as having an integrated apex locator. It can also be used for continuous rotary instrumentation with a range of other file systems. It’s well designed with a simple display.

The reciprocating action works in such a way to almost mimic filing by hand. It uses a gentle pecking motion that effectively debrides the canal with less risk of procedural error than continuous rotary action. While I prefer the reciprocating technique, it’s nice to have the option to use continuous rotary as well. This motor has numerous pre-settings for proper use with all major brands of rotary files.

Either way it’s much faster than hand filing. Rather than six or seven files, the VDW Gold can do it all with one file in some cases. When dealing with highly curved canals, the machine can also be set to anatomy mode. This reduces the torque with continuous rotary use so there is less chance of file separation.

The LED display is designed to guide you through the procedure and indicates how close you are to the end of the canal. It’s accurate and I trust it 100 per cent. Using good clinical judgement and interpreting the radiographs correctly allows most root canal treatments to be completed using just one or two files in less time, and with less stress. 

What’s not so good

In all honesty, nothing. I really have no criticism of it whatsoever.

Where did you get it

Gunz Dental

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