Tools of the trade: VDW Raypex 6 Apex Locator

apex locator

by Dr Darshan Hosur, Ria Family Dental, Yeronga, QLD

I find the Raypex apex locators to be accurate and consistent. I’ve been using the Raypex 6 for the past 12 months and previously, I owned a Raypex 5 for six years.

What’s good about it

The Raypex 6 is very user-friendly with a touch-screen facility. It has both visual and audible signals for determining the length of the root canal. The unit is operated with rechargeable batteries that have a very long life. I have not needed to change the batteries in any of my Raypex apex locators as they continue to work as efficiently as when they were first purchased.

The interface has two displays. The one on the right shows the full tooth image as the file moves down the canal. When the file moves into the apical region, the display on the left shows an enlarged apex image. The display has three colour bands. Blue for when the file is approaching the working length position. Green to show the working length. Red for when the file tip has reached the apical foramen. These colour bands can be customised according to the operator’s choice. To measure the working length, I use a Minifix measuring gauge under a two per cent sodium hypochlorite solution. 

Patients are impressed with this new technology as they can watch the tooth length as it is measured. 

What’s not so good

When dealing with a weeping or pus-filled canal, it can be difficult to measure the working length with the Raypex 6. In those cases, I use periapical radiographs to approximate the length. 

Where did you get it

Gunz Dental

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