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Erbium Chromium YSGG laser

by Dr Marjan Jones, Enhance Dentistry, Milton, QLD

I’ve used Waterlase throughout my career, starting when I was a student more than 25 years ago. In every practice I’ve worked, I’ve requested that the owners consider purchasing one. I’ve been fortunate that most of them agreed or already owned one. When I opened my own practice 12 years ago, the first thing I bought was my own Waterlase.

What’s good about it

When I make choices about what equipment I use, the first thing I consider is how it can improve the patient’s experience. That’s mostly about comfort during the procedure and the recovery afterwards. I then consider whether it enables me to work better in some way. Does it help me work faster or more effectively, and to complete the procedure with greater safety? Waterlase fits the bill in all areas. Waterlase provides a very comfortable experience for patients of all ages, but especially for the infant population I treat, who are undergoing a frenectomy to improve breastfeeding or other feeding issues. It’s an Erbium Chromium YSGG laser that uses air and water to minimise the thermal or collateral tissue damage that can occur with other lasers. At the same time, it provides superior bleeding management and is an incredibly versatile tool; being an all-tissue laser. 

I use it predominantly for frenectomies and frenuloplasties and other soft tissue procedures such as gingivectomies and vestibuloplasty. It’s also great for periodontal treatment, crown lengthening, restorations and crown removal. It has very low penetration depth, so when you’re going around vital structures and vessels, you can accurately control how you work. I own three other lasers but Waterlase is the one I use most frequently.

What’s not so good

A Waterlase is not cheap but you get what you pay for. It’s worth it for the quality of care and the experience it provides my patients. The value it offers is a no-brainer.

Where did you get it

Ritter Dental

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