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wireless intraoral camera

by Dr Nisheeth Agrawal, Tooth n Care, Maitland, NSW

I was looking for a good-quality, wireless intraoral camera that had enough range for me to move around our larger surgeries. I had tried wired cameras in the past but I found them a bit annoying with the wires always getting in the way. I first saw Whicam in another dentist’s surgery and it had everything I was looking for.

What’s good about it

The quality of the image is high and not compromised by being wireless. It’s so much easier to manoeuvre this camera inside the surgery, particularly when taking an image in the middle of a procedure. The Whicam gives you total freedom thanks to its bluetooth connection.

As part of the examination, we take an intraoral photo with every patient. When a patient is concerned about a diagnosis, the photo allows them to see exactly what we are talking about. When dealing with our hygiene clients, a before-and-after photograph is a nice way to show them the difference. As a patient education tool, it’s unsurpassed.

The software associated with this camera is very user-friendly. The images appear on the screen instantaneously and is a real time saver. I think a decent intraoral camera is worth the investment. There’s a big difference between telling a patient they need a crown and showing them why. Sometimes you just click a picture and it’s so self-explanatory, you don’t even have to say anything.

What’s not so good

These cameras are not very sturdy. If they’re not treated gently, the plastic can crack and the lens cover can come off. It’s not a piece of equipment you want to drop.

Where did you get it

Australian Imaging

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