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low dose CBCT unit

By Dr Raghunath Channapati, Ooralea Dental Care, Mackay, QLD 

The Trium is a CBCT unit that generates 3D images of the jaw and teeth with a very low dose of radiation. It’s helpful for clinicians in educating patients and motivating them to seek treatment.

What’s good about it?

This unit is easy to set up and completes scans very quickly. The patient can immediately see the results and I can explain where their implants will be placed and any risk factors. It utilises a very low dose of radiation compared to most other machines on the market.

We have it set up in a dedicated room and use it to take OPGs and Bitewing Radiographs. It’s extremely helpful when assessing root canals and tooth fractures, particularly if they’re very narrow. The whole scanning process only takes about five minutes—two minutes to set up and another minute or two for the results to appear on the computer screen.

The quality of the images is excellent and there are tools to process the image. The contrast and brightness can be changed to bring up fine details. There’s also planning software that highlights anatomic landmarks and directs the placement of implants and wisdom teeth extractions.

The patient just needs to bite on a small positional block and the scanner moves around the head. Patients with a high gag reflex have no trouble at all. When the patients come to our surgery, we can take the radiographs and provide treatment on the same day. No waiting period!

What’s not so good?

The unit can be technically sensitive for patients with disabilities where their body is not stable. While a scan can be made with a patient in a wheelchair, it’s impossible to get an accurate result if their head is not stable.

Where did you get it?

Medical Dental Solutions

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  1. Thank you for sharing your experience, I would be particularly interested in capabilities of bone density messurements with the software which is offered. I tried a few other and I would like to learn more about Acteon solutions.

  2. Dear Doctor, Thank you so much for explaing in detail about the TLD advantages.

    Really it a very good feature for patients.

  3. I wonder what True Low Dose means… Any ballpark figure on how much radiation dose was reduced using this device and is the image quality altered? Also, I saw with some other brands that with reduced dose their image quality suffered significantly. Any new or unique technology this device utilize to compensate for this phenomenon?


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