Tools of the trade: X-Smart


xsmart-plusby Dr Branko Krstic, Dental Excel, Bracken Ridge, QLD


X-Smart is a cordless endodontic system I have been using for the past six years. It’s a very good, reliable piece of equipment that makes root canals much more comfortable for patients.

What’s good about it

With this machine, cleaning and shaping the root canals is much easier and quicker. It has revolutionised my root canal treatments because, prior to using the X-Smart, I disliked the amount of time they took to complete. Sometimes patients would get nervous and jittery in the chair, making it harder to do the job properly. This system is a lot quicker, making it nicer for the patient and better for the dentist.

The X-Smart system includes the handpiece, files, paper points to dry the canals, and the root filling points. Everything complements each other. They follow the same shape so once the file has cleaned out the canal, the contours of the paper points and the obduration of the gutta percha points are identical. It gives a very nice shape.

What’s not so good

This is such a good machine that I find very little wrong with it. As it is cordless it is easy to forget to place it in the charger when you are busy. Then you reach for the handpiece and it’s flat. It would be nice if there was an alarm once the battery power gets down to a certain point.

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