Tools of the trade: X-Smart Duo


X-Smartby Dr Peter Haddad, Kensington Dental, St Morris, SA


Before purchasing this rotary endodontic system in 2010, I did a few courses and investigated a number of different models that were on the market. I really wanted something that was relatively simple and user friendly.

What’s good about it

I like the X-Smart because it is easy to get out of the drawer and set up. It has a finger control on the motor which switches the handpiece on and off. A lot of other systems use a foot control with a cable that can get in the way.

This unit is designed to work with the Protaper file system. However, the torque and speed can be modified so that other file systems can be used. If the file starts to bind in the canal, the machine goes into automatic reverse and starts beeping to warn you.

When using hand files, I always had consistent difficulty with the mesial canals of lower molars and buccal canals of upper molars. They are usually finer canals and instrumenting them to the desired length was always tricky. This rotary system is able to do the job better, easier and quicker.

What’s not so good

I’ve had some unusual responses with the apex locator. There’s a number of variables you need to watch in order to ensure an accurate reading. I am well aware of this but there are times when the readings are a bit confusing. Even when I get a reading that appears to be spot on, I still double check it with an X-ray.

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