Tools of the trade: X-Smart Plus WaveOne kit

The X-Smart plus Wave One kit.
The X-Smart plus Wave One kit.

by Dr Ines Nurboja, Ryde Family Dentist, West Ryde, NSW

In the past, I had always used hand-files as I was working for someone that wasn’t keen on buying any new equipment. I took over the practice at the beginning of the year and updated pretty much everything. I had never used the rotary systems before so I went and did a few courses and tried a few different systems. I worked on extracted teeth when I was testing them.

What’s good about it

A lot of the other rotary files that I tried on extracted teeth tended to grab the tooth and spin it. This nearly turned me off rotary endo. The WaveOne system has reciprocating files that work smoothly and quickly. It allows you to open and shape the canals nicely. I’ve started using it on patients and the results have been really great.

The teeth are much easier to obturate and the files are simple to use. With every other system, you go through at least three files but this system only requires one file. For most canals I use the primary red file, though there’s a choice of three different sizes.

The results have been wonderful. They look like the sort of endos that were being done by my specialist.

What’s not so good

The files are strictly one use only. Once you autoclave them, they no longer fit in the handpiece. It means that the cost increases a little bit—they’re about $30 a file—but it’s completely worth it.

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