Tools of the trade: XIOS XG Supreme

digital X-ray system

by Dr Michael Welten, Photogenic Dental, Parkwood, WA

We use the XIOS to take intraoral X-rays. In the past, we have used conventional film and then phosphor plates that needed to be scanned into the computer. The XIOS is completely digital with a wired sensor attached directly to the computer.

What’s good about it

The biggest positive is that the results are virtually instantaneous. As soon as the X-ray is taken, the image appears on our computer screen. We can have a look at the X-ray and make sure we’ve caught what we needed to capture. If we need to retake the X-ray, we can do that straight away without having to wait around. 

The other good thing about the sensor is that it’s rigid so there’s no distortion. Sometimes, when using film, it would bend and distort the image. 

We’ve been using the XIOS for about five years and the quality is as good as the first time we used it. The sensors are very durable and almost impossible to damage. There’s no worry that a patient may bite down and crack the sensor.

The sensors come in three sizes, though we only purchased two different sizes—adult and child. Compared to conventional X-ray film, results are achieved using much less radiation. 

What’s not so good

The sensor is a little bulkier than film. Working it down next to the tongue can be a bit problematic with patients who have a sensitive gag reflex.

Where did you get it

Dentsply Sirona

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