Tools of the trade: Yirro Plus self cleaning mirror


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self-cleaning mirror

by Dr Clem Maloof, Earlwood Dental Services, NSW

This self-cleaning mirror has an airflow jet that dispels any moisture, water or condensation on the mirror.

What’s good about it

This mirror eliminates any interruptions to my focus by maintaining a constantly clear surface. I usually use it for crown procedures, particularly with the posterior teeth. It’s also great for any appointment that uses the high-speed or anything with a water spray. It keeps the work flowing smoothly without stopping and starting to dry the mirror.

While using the microscope, the highly reflective surface is nothing short of sensational. With over 90 per cent reflective efficiency, it’s like having an extra light in the mouth when taking photographs. The surface is also treated to allow particles to simply blow off under the gentle air stream.

The airflow is maintained by an airline attached to the mirror handle. The Yirro is attached to the side of the cart next to other services. The end of the handle is magnetised so it snaps onto the airline when it approaches the cradle. Once attached, it auto-activates the airflow which is also adjustable.

The mirror has a small head that enables access in limited spaces. I can get the mirror closer to my handpiece and bur, and literally look down the long axis of the bur shank. The peaks in operator stress caused by access difficulties are largely overcome with the use of this product.

What’s not so good

As the handle of the mirror is magnetic, it can’t be used with patients who have a pacemaker. The attached airline can occasionally get in the way, but the benefits far outweigh the inconvenience. Staff need to be trained in the reprocessing of the mirror and handle, and the initial set-up needs professional installation into your airline.

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