Tools of the trade: Zeon Discovery light


by Dr David Houston, John Street Dental, Redcliffe, QLD


I started using illumination with my loupes at the beginning of 2009. Initially I thought I would only use it for surgical work but I now use it for all procedures. It gives such a clear view of everything, especially areas that are normally in shadow.

Recently, I broke the wire that connects the battery to my light on a doorknob. I was without extra illumination for a period of a month. It gave me a new appreciation of the Zeon Discovery light. During that time I felt like I had gone back to the dark ages. I’ve now replaced the cable and also bought a whole new light so I’ve always got a spare.


What’s good about it

The light has three settings. I generally use it on ‘Low’ but bump it up to ‘Medium’ or ‘High’ for procedures like molar endo. When you’re trying to see down a canal positioned way at the back and around a corner, the brighter light is invaluable.

The battery has a 17-hour life, so it will last two full days if you forget to charge it overnight. The feature I really like is that it will hold its illumination until the battery expires, rather than progressively dimming throughout the period you’re using it. It’s always at optimal brightness. There is also a warning when the battery starts to get low on power.

I wouldn’t be without the Discovery light now. Illumination is a real pillar of delivering a uniform quality of dentistry throughout the mouth. If the ADA came out and said illumination was mandatory, I wouldn’t disagree.


What’s not so good

The light and the battery pack are already quite small, but over time I’m sure the general size of both will decrease. That’s really the only way I could see this product being improved.


Where did you get it



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