Tools: Sony Bravia ceiling mounted televisions


04. KD85X9500B_Angled-Right_Table-Top_With-Illumination1by Dr Priyanka Chandra, Sensational Smiles Dental Clinic, Kirrawee, NSW

While I had never worked in a surgery with ceiling-mounted televisions, I did know of various practices who use them. When I started at Sensational Smiles Dental Clinic, they had a ceiling-mounted television in each of the three surgeries. It has definitely changed the way my appointments run.

What’s good about it

After taking a history and talking with the patient, we sit them in the chair and ask if there’s anything in particular they would like to watch. We have a range of DVDs or they can choose to watch live-to-air programs. We also offer headphones if they would like to use them.

We deal with a lot of dental anxiety and phobia, and a lot of that stems from the noise and look of the instruments. The television provides a distraction to take their attention away from the procedure. The headphones also take away any of the associated noise. On subsequent appointments, we let them bring along their favourite DVD to watch, which is great for kids.

For procedures that require a bit of instruction, like checking the bite, we just take the headphones off the patient. It’s also possible to mute the headphones when we need to discuss things.

I’ve found that I can do a lot of work in one appointment when the patient is watching the television. Multiple caries, crown and bridge work, extensive periodontal treatment, and multiple endo are all possible thanks to the screen in the ceiling. When the patient gets involved with what they are watching, I know that time is golden.

What’s not so good

I have honestly found it to be good in every way. My initial concern was that it would be a distraction to the other staff. I thought they would be looking up to see what’s going on but that’s simply not the case. The televisions are nothing more than background wallpaper.

Where did you get it

You can purchase the televisions from any large electronics store. We had them installed by Dental Installations.


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