Tools of the trade: Accutron Analogue Ultra Flowmeter


dental flowmeterby Dr Dallin Leneham, Canungra Dental, QLD

The Accutron is a delivery system of nitrous oxide to the patient. A small mask fits over the patient’s nose and is connected to the delivery unit by a couple of tubes. A control panel easily allows the operator to set the amount of gas to be administered.

What’s good about it

The reason I like the Accutron is that it lets me do a lot more treatments on anxious and younger patients. It just puts everyone at ease. Some kids can be a little bit taken back by it but the vast majority have no problem. If it looks like there’s going to be an issue, I give the parents a mask to take home. Their kid can wear it when they go to bed and pretend they’re a fighter pilot.

I use the Accutron for most procedures. The patient is still aware of what’s going on but they just stop caring so much. When I administer the local with a syringe, most patients have no idea they have been injected. For anxious patients—or even if they just request it—I’ll use the Accutron while doing a check-up and clean.

I have a couple of extremely phobic patients who are usually in tears as soon as they walk in the door. It works fantastically well with them and has positively changed their perception of going to the dentist.

At the end of the procedure, the nitrous oxide is turned off and the patient sits on oxygen for a couple of minutes. Once the nitrous is out of their system and they’re back to normal, they’re good to go.

What’s not so good

The mask that sits over the nose can get in the way if you’re working on the front teeth. Sometimes the gas can make patients feel a little nauseous and very occasionally it will be so bad they will throw up.

Where did you get it

Mega Medical Equipment & Gases Australia

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